Research Methodology

Our team conducted primary research to generate exclusive insights on what makes each retail brand and region unique, consumer behavior and preferences, and consumers’ use of technology, such as mobile apps, loyalty, and mobile payments.


Data Collection

Primary data was collected through on-site interviews, mobile app testing with first‑hand consumer reactions, and on-site/in-store research.


Target Group

Interviews were conducted with consumers of all age groups, ethnicities, socioeconomics, and backgrounds.


Sampling Size

Our researchers interviewed hundreds of consumers asking over 20 questions to gather over 240 hours of footage.


Sampling Geography

Our researchers covered nearly half of the United States, starting in Philadelphia, heading north to New England, down through Southern U.S., west through Midwest North and South, out through the Southwest, and back Northeast to Philadelphia.


Question Design

Our questions were organized and constructed based on three categories: 1) brand recognition and loyalty, 2) current use of rewards and payment within an app, and 3) preferences and opinions on the future of mobile commerce
and loyalty.